Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturn Returns
An Alchemical Solo Show by Tim Molloy

Saturn returns, bringing death and rebirth.
Old illusions and patterns are stripped away, and we are left naked in the desert, abandoned by false gods.
These works are explorations into a personal apocalypse playing out against the backdrop of a world that is revealing its strangest secrets.
The mystery of ritual, the twisting double helix of history and dream, and the lust for revolution all dance to the rattling of skeletons bursting from their closets.

Tentacles feature large.

Featuring Drawings, Prints, Sculpture, Paintings and the release of a brand new 48 page comic book ‘Saturn Returns.’

Opens Friday the 13th Novemember 6-9pm
Show runs from the 13th-25th of November.

696 Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

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